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"For our 38th season, we are raising $350,000 to fund our immediate and on-going needs and to ensure that every qualifying child who wishes to dance may do so, regardless of means. These funds are to replenish our endowment that we have managed since 1978, funds for capital improvements for our new facilities, to support our evolving faculty and new Artistic Director, to continue our support through scholarships for those students in need, and to provide liquidity for the school to produce full length ballets and other quality productions." - Daryl Fauth President 

building fund

We have obtained a permanent home for the Sun Valley Ballet School that will serve our needs for the next ten years and beyond.

The Meriwether Building at the Corner of Carbonate Street and First Avenue North in central downtown Hailey will provide a modern, world-class
facility for our school to grow and prosper. This location allows our students to be in the city core within safe walking distance from the middle school and other areas in the city core.

We have over 3,000 square feet with two spacious studios featuring state-of-the-art ‘floating’ floors, mirrors and barres; a comfortable reception, lounge and viewing facilities as well as student spaces for relaxation and preparation for dance and other activities.

The conversion of the space expands the Hailey central cultural core complex. With our new proximity to the Sun Valley Center for the Arts ‘Company of Fools’ facility (Liberty Theater), we hope to create a collaboration and powerhouse of the Arts for Hailey and the entire valley.



TThe Foundation and school policy: Regardless of means each child that wishes to dance shall have the opportunity to do so (under certain qualifying criteria). This policy, unique to the valley, has allowed the Foundation to cover a portion or even all of the tuition for dancers who may never have had the opportunity to participate in an academic dance program.

Our policy supports a diverse socio-economic and cultural student body and creates a bridge for the youth of our valley, building a sense of belonging for every participant and a great sense of accomplishment.



As with any not-for-profit, the Ballet School has times of diminished capital capacity to fund on-going programs and productions. Most typically, this is during the run up to a production, where ticket revenues are not realized until the curtain rises.

These costs include items such as theater, backdrops and other rentals, 
costumes and stage stock, or even expenses and fees for guest artists, to travel, their lodging and other necessities. Without the funding facility that the Foundation provides, the Ballet School would not be able to operate day in and day out.