Class offerings


Beginning & upper level ballet

Our ballet classes focus on the development of dancers through the discipline of ballet.  The elements of technique, form, movement,strength, classroom etiquette, dress code, terminology, group, barre and center work are a strong base.

Our small class size allows a personalized focus for student advancement. Level placements are determined through instructor evaluation as part of the progression.

Styles of classes include Classical, Contemporary, Lyrical, Technique, Pointe Prep, Pointe and Body Conditioning.

We provide a fun family atmosphere and welcome all students ages 3 and up to share their passion for dance. 




Our Jazz classes encompass creativity through visually technical dance style. Body isolation's, sharp and fluid movement, stretch, turning, leaping, kicks, and technical steps are taught in this class.  It is a wonderful class to get a variety of all dance steps.

Our tap classes introduce students to rhythm, style and sound through tap steps and combinations.

other adult and student offerings


Strengthen your core and balance with  Pilates.  A great group challenge.